Iltasanomat 9.6.1995: Nordic Greenpeace used stolen tree during their exhibition in Austria (main story in Finnish)

Local farmer was giving help to Greenpeace warriors who's jeep was slipped away from road. He didn't expect that those youngsters were not in normal travel and looking nice landscape.. They were stealing a tree. Really. Activists were trying to get some parts of tree with their AWD jeep! But things did not go like they planned..

So what happened?

Tree was crashed over road during storm, cutted to two or three pieces because traffic to local farms. Just some days and Greenpeace took it without permission from the legal owner and landlord. During their trip warriors got some problems with their car. Of course because size of the tree... and so they asked help from a farmer which then came with tractor to give same help. He just didn't know that they were tooking something without permission.

Note that this was not from old forest which was to be saved to next generations. But anyway Greenpeace took tree to exhibition in Austria and Germany and told to press misleading information that this tree was from old forest and it was cut down by local "originals"

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